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Goon Yee Tong Pty Ltd

Goon Yee Tong Limited is a registered non-profit Chinese society based in Chinatown, Sydney, Australia. It was formed over a hundred years ago by migrant Chinese from the District of Dong Guan, Guang Dong province in the south of China. 

What drives us
Our Society was formed for the purpose of mutual assistance and kinship by the migrants from Dong Guan during the era when many migrants did not have families with them and life in general was quite harsh and difficult.

The affairs of Goon Yee Tong are managed by a 21 member committee which is elected every two years. The current committee members and office bearers are listed here.

The Society
The Goon Yee Tong society has had a very long history spanning over a hundred years. Prior to 1993, it existed as an unregistered society and on 28th September 1993, it was formally incorporated into a legal society with the New South Wales government. As per ASIC corporate compliance, Goon Yee Tong Incorporated under Fair Trading registered as Goon Yee Tong Limited in 2016. We have several hundred members who have a common bond of ancestry from Dong Guan.

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