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The affairs of our society are managed by a committee of 21 members elected every two years.
2009-2010 Ninth Committee
2007-2008 Eighth Committee

2005-2006 Seventh Committee

2003-2004 Sixth Committee

2001-2002 Fifth Committee

1999-2000 Fourth Committee

1997-1998 Third Committee

1995-1996 Second Committee

1993-1994 First Committee

When the Society was legally incorporated in 1993, the serving committee was formally named the First Committee and subsequent ones were numbered after it. Prior to incorporation, the Society existed as a community association, and committees and office bearers sometimes remained in the same office for long periods of time. After incorporation, it was considered prudent that major office bearers be allowed to remain in the same office for a maximum of two continuous terms i.e. four years.
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