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Benefits for Members


Throughout the year, Goon Yee Tong runs many events for the benefit of our members, including:

  • Spring Festival and Chinese New Year

  • Ching Ming Festival

  • Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival

  • Chung Yeung Festival

HSC Scholarships

Our HSC scholarships recognise children of Goon Yee Tong members who have achieved excellent results in the HSC for the current year.

Member Services

We approach Dongguan people in Australia to understand their vision and how they look at the society and make it their own, from each one perspective.

We believe one of the best ways to find out what support Dongguan people need is to ask them.


70 and above


30 – 70 years old


18 – 29 years old

Become a Member

Eligibility criteria and application form at the link below