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27 May 2024

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Dear Members and Friends,

The recently elected Board and I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of Goon Yee Tong (GYT). 207 members attended the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 28 April 2024 to elect the new Board of Directors. Items confirmed & approved during the meeting are as follow: -

·       The minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 26/2/2023 were confirmed. Jenny Lee (1709) moved. Tania Lee (1677) seconded. 129 votes for & 31 votes against.

·       The audited 2023 financial report was adopted. Sophia Su (1813) moved. Yin Fong Chow (1159) seconded. 122 votes for & 32 votes against.

·       Appointed James Gock & Co as Accountant and Oliver Lai & Co as Auditors. Appointed Edwin Kwan of Pancific Legal as Company Solicitor, Appointed Christine Chen of Apex Lawyers Pty Ltd as Property Lawyers and Appointed David Ryan of DPL Piper Australia as Corporate Lawyers. Sum Chow (1020) moved. Minnie Liang (2152) seconded. 130 for & 29 against.

·       Total ballot paper issued is 408 (387 valid & 21 void).Thirty-four candidates were nominated for twenty-one positions on the Board of Directors. Voting results for the 4th Term of Directors are as below:

Gary Chan 228                  David Deng 141              Peter Chi Yung Li 220    Wing Keung Pok 249

Justin Y K Chan 230          Bing Yui Fong 217          Minnie Liang 226            Kung Cheong Soo 227

Colin Chau 233                  Aileen S Z He 144           Y S Liang 139                   Sophia Su 228

Ramon Chau 222              Michael Ho 133               Rong Hui Liu 223            Francis K T Wong 138

Linda Xiaoling Chen 139   Qing Qiu Hu 268            Xu Dong Lun 147            Mei Fong Wong 151

George Chow 210              Raymond Ip 235            Zhi Jian Ma 140              Tony Wong 227

William Chow 212              Man Yee Leanfore 144   Yi Ming Mo 264             Guang Yao Zhai 131

Yin Fong Chow 225           Geoffrey Lee 236            De Ping Peng 242         Xiao Mei Zhong 134

Arlene Hui Lian Cui 137     Jenny K C Lee 227

The office bearers and sub-committees were subsequently confirmed at a monthly meeting on 7 May 2024:

Honorary Life President :  Colin Chau

                                  President:  Justin Y K Chan.                              Public Officer:   Geoffrey Lee

               1st Vice President:  Ramon Chau.                         2nd Vice President:   Wing Keung Pok

                          Treasurer:  Kung Cheong Soo.                         Vice Treasurer:  Gary Chan

           English Secretary:  Tony Wong.                       Vice English Secretary:  George Chow

         Chinese Secretary:  De Ping Peng.                  Vice Chinese Secretary:  Bing Yui Fong

              Property Officer:  Raymond Ip.                         Vice Property Officer:  Qing Qiu Hu

 General Affairs Officer:  Ron Hui Liu.                 Vice General Affairs Officer:  Yi Ming Mo

              Welfare Officer:  Minnie Liang.                            Vice Welfare Officer:  William Chow

 Entertainment Officer:  Sophia Su.                    Vice Entertainment Officer:  Peter Chi Yung Li

 During the meeting Jenny KC Lee resigned as Director due to personal & family reasons and was accepted by the Board. The Board unanimously resolved to appoint Wan Er Li as a replacement Director.

Goon Yee Tong Limited

President, Justin Chan

27 May 2024


President's Message & Valuation Report

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